Our Chapter covers the state of Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Each year, we try to schedule member fly-outs
to visit airports across our area…
Check out our Calendar, and see when we will be in your area.

We would be happy to hold a meeting in your area, just contact us kentuckybluegrass@ncs99s.org.

Recent Member Achievements:

Congratulations to the new KY Bluegrass Chapter Chairs, from left to right:

Terri Donner (Treasurer), Louise Bornwasser (Secretary), Amy Bogardus (Vice Chair), and Emily Herron (Chair).

Congratulations to the Michiana Redbirds Classic #1- KY Bluegrass, Sue Glisson and Indiana Dunes, Margaret Wint for placing 9th place overall! They also won the Ninety-Nines trophy for the fastest 99’s team on the ninth leg of the race!

Congratulations to Emily Herron on making the cover of Aviation for Women Magazine! She is also featured on the AOPA Instagram spotlight and will be speaking at Oshkosh in 2022!

Congratulations Karyn Ranzau on passing her Commercial written and later passing her Commercial check ride!

Congratulations to Olivia Parmenter on passing her Private Pilot Checkride on June 28, 2022. She is a recent recipient of the FIRST WINGS Spring 2022 Award. She learned to fly in the Prosser School of Technology program, where she got her first 10 hours of flight time for free. She completed the written and check ride milestones in the FIRST WINGS program.

Olivia will go to Purdue Fall 2022 in the Professional Pilot Program.

Congratulations to Kacy Thompson on passing her Private Pilot Checkride! Kacy won the FIRST WINGS scholarship in the Spring of 2021.

Congratulations to Brynne Moseley for passing her SEL Commercial rating! She plans to continue her training and earn her multi engine rating!

Congratulations to Karyn Ranzau, who executed her First Solo flight in January 2022, for passing her Instrument, Instrument Ground Instructor, and Flight Instructor Instrument written tests! She is also the fall winner of the First Flight Scholarship from the Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship Program!

Congratulations to Kaye Moore for receiving the Master Pilot Award!

Congratulations to Liz Dicus who recently passed her IFR written exam and is proceeding to an accelerated flight training program in Kissimmee, FL. Good luck Liz!

Well ladies….Stephanie Crask finally DID IT! February 2nd she got her commercial fixed wing add on, February 17th she got her airplane instrument add on, and March 1st she finished her CFI initial for airplanes. She will be working on her CFII next.

Let’s go fly!!! Anyone need a CFI or need a biannual flight review let me know 😬!

Congratulations to the 2020 Ky Bluegrass 99’s Chapter Scholarship Recipients:

1st: Kristena Cook

2nd: Hayley Haning

3rd: Brynne Moseley

Congratulations to Terri Donner!

Terri Donner, who used her ’81 Amelia Earhart Scholarship to earn her multi-engine rating and went on to a career with UPS since 1989, has been named to the Kentucky Aviation Hall of Fame in Lexington Kentucky.
In delivering the award the judges were impressed by Donner’s work in “spearheading an outstanding and innovative program introducing hundreds of young girls to aviation through the Girl Scout Aviation Day in the Louisville area, and a life of achievements for Donner with her support for women as aviation professionals.”
“I feel humbled and honored to be inducted in the Kentucky Aviation Hall of Fame,” says Terri Donner. “I’ve seen the fruits of my efforts in females starting their aviation journey. Some of the girl scouts have become pilots with regional airlines. I’m hopeful the trickle-down effect will increase the overall percentage of females seeking careers and adventures in aviation.”
In 1981 she won the Amelia Earhart Scholarship for her multi-engine rating; 1987 Kentucky CFI of the Year; and in 2011 the 99s Award of Inspiration. Donner has honored her scholarship and awards from the Ninety-Nines by giving back. For over 30 years she has served as the chair for the Kentucky Bluegrass 99s Earhart Scholarship selection committee and as Treasurer.
In 2019 Terri Donner’s son Nick was hired by UPS and together they have worked as Captain and F/O on the A300, the only mother/son qualified crew on transport category aircraft.
“The Ninety-Nines was created by the women fliers who in 1929 recognized the need for support and camaraderie, the need to encourage other females to consider aviation for both, as a career and for the fun of flying. Terri Donner exemplifies the roles we can play in encouraging young females to look towards the sky for their future”, exclaimed Corbi Bulluck, President of the Ninety-Nines.
The Kentucky Aviation Hall of Fame has recognized forty-nine Kentuckians to date. Honoring WASPs and warriors, executives and designers, instructors and astronauts, statesman and spies.
Donner is part of the 25th Enshrinement class into the Kentucky Aviation Hall of Fame. Due to the interruptions caused by COVID public health restrictions, a formal induction ceremony will be held at the Aviation Museum of Kentucky in Lexington in the autumn 2021, on a date to be determined.